Princeton Laptop Orchestra
I had not intended to be back on Nassau Street the morning after the Princeton Laptop Orchestra's most excellent concert of Spring 2017. But what better time could there possibly be to try to describe in words what this orchestra, now in its 11th year, has accomplished, and how much more material it might possibly dis-cover. If you have attended college, or can remember back to a particularly hard class in high school, you may know what it is like to have a project or paper deadline, especially this time of year, when the Magnolias are wildly in bloom outside and there are wonderful -lectures and concerts to attend on campus. Maybe that is why the Laptop Orchestra was almost as interesting as a Ella Fitzgerald 100th year memorial -birthday. concert that had occurred at Taplin Auditorium also the previous week. For I do not quite agree with Mr. Priest who said that the "future is not what it used to be, though I know what he meant." If I were a student again or I get a better laptop I might like to make music between my work cycles myself. There were four per-formances or songs in the concert and they all could have used some work. The first used a laser-like pointer on the screen to illustrate the tug of