Building Blocks of the
Internet of Things
Perhaps we have been missing out on the new revolution in technology. On the one hand we are all starting to speak rather glibly about the new “Internet of Things” in the same way that we spoke of the World Wide Web 25 years ago and “Web 2.0” not so very long ago either. On the other hand, inventors and manufacturers of all types are learning of the ability of 3D printing to recreate our world. The “Things” that we need for the Internet of Things (IoT) we can practically create on the other side of our basement using additive mach-ining technology. Yet what is a Thing? We can say a thing is “an inanimate object distinguished from a living being.” But in a surreal way we are starting to talk about “smart things,” that is coffee pots and refrigerators and ther-mos that are said to “know” when it is time to “brew,” “reorder supplies” or call your cellular phone. Like advertising from the 1950s or the initial promises of the Internet in 2000, these improvements to ordinary things are shown to be revolutionary in con-cept. Without being overly critical of our human nature to hold high and sometimes unrealistic expectations, the In-ternet of Things revolution occurring today is critically important to our -ability to maintain our standard-of-living and continue to progress as a civilization. The Industrial Revolution is long past (reference) but we still need mechanical and electronic devices. This book will show you how to choose the basic building