the things of the
Internet of
Invariably I try to learn about new technology. That is what I am doing now with the new ontology that is called the Internet of Things. But the more I read the more things I discover that are part of this semantic. You may find all of these fancy big words to be a bit esoteric! The Internet of Things is real and it is important and a good development, if only one new development, in technology. We need to adapt to this new rubric. When I take notes on the subject of The Internet of Things however my list keeps expanding. The same thing happens when I get out my Arduino building blocks that I purchased at Radio Shack when they still had stores and were not entirely online: pretty soon I have a complete mess and nothing works. Before long I have an expanse of details that has become unmanageable. Then I sometimes ask if there is a better way! Organizing my thoughts and materials helps but is not all there is to it. Having a focus and being clear about what I want to write or accomplish really does help. That said something always comes up that doesn’t quite fit. I call these things ‘fuzzy’ and these